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Extra Links

Ayashii.net: This is the domain Strange World@Heyuri is hosted on
HHS: This is our wiki. If this is your first time here, I strongly suggest reading some pages about Heyuri from here before posting on the boards.
Japanese BBS Directory: An English-language directory of Japanese BBSes
Vidlii: A video sharing website inspired by old YouTube ran by a Heyuri user
Wapchan: An imageboard primarily dedicated to retro anime
world2ch: World2ch comeback, also ran by a Heyuri user
Wirechan: A Lain focused community that encourages philosophical, esoteric, alternative, counterculture related, technological and cyberpunk discussion, this being with a mature userbase.

Note: Not all of these are necessarily run by Heyuri, friendly/fan sites are included here as well!
If you are interested in mutually linking your website with Heyuri, please make a thread on Site Discussion instead of privately e-mailing me.