Long live Heyuri!

Heyuri at it's core

Heyuri has been a passion project of mine for over a year now. A site meant to re-create the same conditions as early 4chan (2002 to 2005), experiment with new design philosophies and services. But most importantly to build an ever-growing community of anime enthusiasts, otakus, artists, oldfags who wish to re-live the good ol' days, newfags who missed out on the good ol' days, and just about everyone else who is interested in re-igniting the spark that makes anonymous message boards so great. If you have an issue with that then Heyuri is not for you.

About the drama

I was forced to shut down Heyuri over the drama. Things have been settled in private chat. Kuz and I are going our seperate ways for good this time. I discourage anyone from bringing it up, even if it's siding with me. I simply do not have the time to deal with it and it only brings trouble.

Plans for the re-launch

There are several things I need to get out of the way before I can properly re-launch Heyuri. (in order of importance)

This time around things will be much more carefully planned out. We will not make the same mistakes as last time. Don't expect the re-launch to happen any time soon though. In fact don't even expect it this year, maybe not ever.


Q: Doesn't Kuz own copywrite over Heyuri now?
A: Reading up on it copywrite is automatic, he technically owns a trademark but I doubt the judge would look at the past year of Heyuri's existence and side with Kuz.

Q: Who is to blame?
A: I blame Kuz. Kuz blames Akima. 9channers blame me. Original Heyuri users blame Kuz. Kuz's agents agents blame me for not blaming Akima... I ran out of fingers to point the blame with.

And finally, join the Discord channel.