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Advertise on Heuyri


If you want to hotlink Heyuri on your site, please check that it checks the following requirements:

  1. Your site does not contain any illegal content.
  2. Your site does not promote, encourage, or facilitate harmful activities.
  3. Your site is willing to/has linked Heyuri somewhere public and visible on the site.

If it passes all of those, shoot us an email and we will add your site to this page.

Banner Ads

If you want to advertise your website, product, service, or just put something stupid on a fullbanner and show it to everyone, here is your how-to:

I want to advertise
If you want to advertise something on heyuri, via a public full-res banner, you must understand the following.

A full resolution banner looks like this;

Your banner will be rotated with the other banners, and will appear on all boards.
  1. Your banner cannot advertise another imageboard.
  2. Your banner cannot be overly-nsfw, or contain gore, or other extreme materials. Nsfw banners are allowed.
  3. Your banner must be in the resolution provided above.
  4. You understand that in order to have your banner submitted, you must pay a yearly fee of 12USD.

Non-advertisement banners If you would like to submit a banner which is not meant for advertising purposes, please make sure it fits the following categories.
  1. Anime related.
  2. Related to a page/board on Heyuri.

Once you have made your banner-ad, email it to us and we will submit it!

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