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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an image board?

An imageboard is a BBS centered around posting and discussing images.

Where should I start?

Before posting, make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules (Specifically global rules 3 and 4).
After that, you could start a new post saying a freindly "Hi!" on >>>/b/.

Where do I make an account?

Most imageboards don't have an account system for normal users. If you must verify your identity, use a tripcode.

What is a tripcode?

A tripcode is a password that comes after your name. When using that specific password your name will have a random string of characters specific to that password.
You use a tripcode by typing your name a pound sign (#) and then the password.
This will be shown as name ◆ ozOtJW9BFA
NOTE: This tripcode will be the same on every other imageboard you visit.
To make your tripcode specific to this site, you must add a second pound sign (#). This is called a secure tripcode.

What is an OP?

An OP is the opening post to a thread. The OP usually sets the topic for the thread. It can also refer to the orignal poster, original post, etc.

What is a bump?

When a thread is replied to, it is "bumped". Newest bumped posts are sent to the top of the board.

What is a sage?

"Sage" comes from the Japanese verb sageru (下げる) which means "to lower". Typing sage into the email field prevents the thread from being bumped. This is used when your not posting something that portrays to the topic of the thread. Example:

What is noko and nonoko?

Putting "noko" into the email field will send you to your post after posting.

How can I tell if a user is a moderator?

Heyuri moderators post anonymously for the most part however only posts with Admin Icon or Mod Icon are really members of moderation.

## Admin
## Mod
## Developer
## Manager
Text Formatting
What is BBCode?

BBCode(bulletin board code) are ways of formatting your comment. Specific boards have specific BBCodes enabled. You can see all enabled BBcodes and emotes by clicking [BBcode reference] under the comment field.
On >>>/b/ will look like:

What are emotes?

Emotes are little images you can embed in your comment. As for BBCodes, only specific emotes are also enabled on specific boards.
On >>>/b/ will look like:

How do I reply to a specific post or refrence a thread?

You can quote a post by typing (">") and what you want to quote.
You can answer a post by typing ("<") and your answer.
You can reply to a specific post by putting two arrows and the post number.
Will look like:
>Quoted text
<Answered text
Site Culture
Who runs this website?

This site is administrated over by lolico, you can find contact information for here

When was the site founded?

The site has a rather long history, through various implimentations, streching back to 2018. But the current version of the site, was founded on the 24th of November, 2019. (11/24/19)

What is ASCII art?

ASCII art, is an image macro, or animation, made on a simple textline, using the American Standard Code for Information Interchange, hence the name, ASCII.