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  1. In mature threads, be mature, in retarded threads, be retarded!

  2. and yes, you can tell the difference.
  3. You will not violate US law.

  4. You will not spam or flood the boards. Period.

  5. You will not upload any content that poses a danger to the user. No warez, No malware.

  6. Post images in their appropriate boards.

  7. i.e. - dont post cat pictures on the hentai board, or your vacation pictures on /a/, etc!
  8. Do not advertise on the boards.

  9. Political discussion is tolerated on some boards, but do not overdo it. Do not make stupid threads talking about "I HATE [X] RACE!1!", "redpills", "DA JOOZ", etc.

  10. The following content is not in line with site culture, and will be promptly deleted;

  11. a. Wojack
    b. Pepe
    c. *oomer memes (zoomer, boomer, coomer)
    d. Stupid buzzwords like "seethe", "cope", "dilate", "janny", and the like.
    e. Ironic shitposting.
  12. Do not complain about Heyuri, Heyuris moderation, or any other meta topic outside of /q/. Do not report bugs, site issues, or errors outside of /q/.

  13. No general threads. No identically re-occuring threads. Examples:

    b. "/bbbg/ - BLAHBLAHBLAH GENERAL"
    c. "last thread about [x] died, continuing from that one."

    REMEMBER: Heyuri is not about "free speech", and rules may be enforced with a small amount of discretion from the Moderators. You are in no way entitled to anything on this site, and your ability to use it can be taken away without notice, or reason.

Board Rules

  1. ZOMG WHERE R TEH RULZ?!!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!1111

  2. *Global rules 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 10 apply.

  1. All threads and images posted on this board MUST pertain to anime, manga, japan, or japanese culture.

  2. All global rules apply here.

  1. First and foremost, this is an image sharing board, and an image dumping board. SHOW, DONT TELL.

  2. Do not post pictures involving sex, gore, or other graphic imagery. "Risque" images are fine.

  3. "Pedoanime" and Lolicon are fine here, as long as they are cute.

  4. Post high resolution and high quality images please! You have 4mb to play with on this board!

  5. Your 15kb headshots of random hentai girls will be deleted!
  6. All global rules except 10 apply here.

  1. Again, image sharing board, discussion goes elsewhere.

  2. All global rules except 10 apply here.

  1. Adhere to Global Rule 9

  2. This is a strictly topic-centered board. Do not post non meta topics outside of here!

  3. Have a banner submission, fullbanner submission, or other request? Contact us via email.

  1. Follow the board topic, tame stuff or images that dont involve guro/scat will be deleted.

  2. No real-life gore.

  1. Acknlowledge Rule 2. DO NOT post real life pictures, DO NOT post 3DCG. You will be banned and reported.

  2. No adult girls.

  3. Keep all shotacon to 1 thread at a time.

  1. Do not steal or plagiarize art. Inspiration is ok, but outright theft is not.

  2. Do not draw stupid stuff like goatse, we've all seen it. HURR HURR

  1. 1. Do not post off-topic threads or images. Threads should remain about Japan, Japanese culture, Food, etc.

  2. トピック外のスレッドや画像を投稿しないでください。 日本、日本の文化、食べ物などについての糸が残っているはずです。
  3. No anti japanese threads. This is a japan-friendly board.

  4. 反日本の糸無し。 これは日本に優しいボードです。
  5. No anime threads. Anime threads stay on /a/

  6. アニメスレッドなし。 アニメスレッドステイオン/a/