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  1. In mature threads, be mature, in retarded threads, be retarded!
    and yes, you can tell the difference.

  2. You will not violate the law of the Atlantis.
    Atlantis only forbids child pornography and trading of illegal drugs.

  3. You will not spam or flood the boards. Period.

  4. You will not upload or link to any content that poses a danger to the user. No warez, No malware.

  5. Post images in their appropriate boards.
    i.e. - don't post cat pictures on the oekaki board, or your vacation pictures on /q/, etc!

  6. No general threads. No identically re-occuring threads. Examples:

    2. "/bbbg/ - BLAHBLAHBLAH GENERAL"
    3. "last thread about [x] died, continuing from that one."

  7. Discussions about current news or of political nature are allowed, just do not overdo it.

  8. The following content is not in line with site culture, and will be promptly deleted;

    1. Wojack & Pepe or any variation thereof
    2. *oomer memes (zoomer, boomer, coomer)
    3. Buzzwords like "seethe", "cope", "dilate", "janny", "cunny", "based/cringe", shortening words with apostrophe (e.g. 'yuri instead on heyuri) and the like.
    4. Posts intended to annoy or enrage other users without even having the decency to provide LOLs ー most of "nu-4chan" kind of posts fall under this point.
    5. "Greentext stories" or any misuse of the quoting feature.

  9. Evading bans may result in longer or permanent ones on both IPs. Instead, wait.

REMEMBER: Heyuri is not about "free speech", and rules may be enforced with a small amount of discretion from the Moderators. You are in no way entitled to anything on this site, and your ability to use it can be taken away without notice, or reason.


  1. ZOMG WHERE R TEH RULZ?!!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!1111

  2. All global rules still apply.

  1. Draw whatever.

  1. This is the meta board. Do not post meta topics outside of here!

  2. You can report bugs here, but if you find a security exploit, please contact us privately.


  1. This board is primarily meant as a middle ground between /b/ and /q/, low quality "joke" threads should go on /b/. Feel free to make more informative or long-winded interesting posts. The bump limit is much higher and high quality discussion is encouraged, the three-day autosage is also disabled.


  1. Create polls, vote on others polls.

  1. This board was inspired by the Japanese Strange World. Although they have their own culture, this one-dimensioned board ressembles more to a chatroom.