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#  RE: IM SORRY ABOUT THE DOWNTIME by kuz - 11/17/21 @ 8:13PM EST

My vague wording may have made it unclear: Our ISP isnt trying to take down our sites, but is having issues regarding the size of our traffic. If it comes down to the grit of it, I will be moving Heyuri to an alternate host until its resolved.

#  IM SORRY ABOUT THE DOWNTIME by kuz - 11/17/21 @ 8:12PM EST

Remember these important points: Never stop trying to reconnect, never stop trying to see if we're online, at least check daily. As long I live I will be keeping Heyuri online and fighting anything that takes it down. In this particular instance, its my ISP.

Please, please accept my apology and bear with me as we are struggling with this issue.

Please follow me on twitter (YUCK, I KNOW) for updates. Its the only place I can guarantee wont go down for the duration of this issue.

Again, my deepest apologies.

#  THANK YOU BARRY OUR LORD AND SAVIOR by kuz - 09/09/21 @ 3:14AM EDT

Here comes a long awaited update:

Kokonotsuba.. now with!

  1. MySQL support

    Should make things much, much faster

  2. Various bug fixes

    Such as the blank loading screen, the threadview mode on the textboards, the replylinks not showing up on replied-to posts. (Confused? We are too)

  3. Thread and Catalog cache

    Reduces server load and speeds up load time. The downside is that it makes posting a little slower

  4. Fixed admin tools!

    Believe it or not we didnt have a working ban function for over 5 months.

and much more..

This is all thanks to these 3 amazing people:

Barry - extremely talented PHP master, did the majority of the work.
bobman - made the initial mysql driver - we'd be at step 1 without him.
lolico - helped the other 2 with navigating the jungle we call kokonotsuba.

These changes have been implemented on /b/ so far, and will be pushed to /q/ and *maybe* /f/ by tommorow. Since they are still in beta, please test them. If you find any bugs, please join the IRC or email me about it, if its security related, dont post it to the boards.


Heyuri's software (kokonotsuba) is monstrously slow, it was put together in a rush, and, like all our previous board softwares, for SOME REASON, uses a flatfile database, which makes everything slow. In addition to a literal myriad of other problems...

Kokonotsuba is written in PHP, although a re-write in perl or python would be just as welcome.

I am offering large compensation to anyone who is willing to help out. Otherwise, Heyuri is going to have to be severely downsized, or some boards wiped, as the software simply puts too much strain on the servers. Our 2 former developers have both been unable to work, and there are no more developers at kolyma due to a labor shortage.

Please email me (kuz@kolyma.org) if you are a PHP, perl, or python developer and would like to help refactor our shitty code.

What you'll get if you help <--------------

#  DING DONG THE ARCHIVES ARE BACK by kuz - 08/07/21 @ 1:10AM EDT

In March, Heyuri made the switch from our old software, to Kokonotsuba. Kokonotsuba used a database system which was vastly different from the old software — and although we were partly successful on /b/, we couldn't convert /q/, nor could we convert the entirety of /b/. Some other boards were also wiped during the process.

At the time, moving to the new software was the number one priority, so these issues were mostly swept under the rug whilst we battled far worse—(looking at you, blackhole-kun).

About 3 weeks ago, I was searching for an old Heyuri banner and found our old codebase from before the switch, which I had stored on a folder named "preprepre" (we've all done that). If not for the rather inconspicuous folder name, I might have found it earlier, but, regardless, It was found. I considered creating a Heyuri museum of sorts, to showcase all the old wiped threads, as well as some other, even older software I had discovered, including a completely untouched edition of the software on May 26th of 2020. But alas, I was too busy to deal with it at the time, and Heyuri wasn't doing so well, so I decided to put it on my long, long, LONG todolist.

Today, I reached it, and I was happy when I saw the entry on the list. So I booted up a new server and uploaded the software, I temporarily rerouted Heyuri's domain to the test server and to my surprise, it took only minor configuration for it to jump into life. Considering the usual state of our software, I found this pleasantly surprising.

After spending an hour browsing through old threads, I realized, suddenly, that I was supposed to be making a museum, so I did, and now that museum is here.

At this state, it only contains pre-koko posts.. However, there are dozens of amazing threads which got wiped, including the entirety of /q/, which was worth saving.

kuznote: old "imgboard.php" links now redirect to the new, archived versions. Example: https://img.heyuri.net/b/imgboard.php?res=8476

#  HEYURI IRC by kuz - 08/01/21 @ 11:42PM EDT



One of the reasons threads on Heyuri get responded to rather quickly, (although this effect is not as prevalent anymore), was because of our Discord webhook notification system. We have brought this back, and, it is now hooked up to IRC too!

Please join Heyuris IRC channel at irc.kolyma.org #heyuri. For notifications, join the #notifs channel.

You dont have to talk, we love idlers too!

#  HEYURI: CLASSIC EDITION by kuz - 07/17/21 @ 3:18AM EDT

Does anyone else feel nostalgic for this?

Well I brought it back. All the boards now have access to a "Heyuri Classic" theme, which looks as close to this as I can manage.

Oh, the memories...

#  DE-KOLYMA-IZATION + IM SORRY by kuz - 07/02/21 @ 4:40PM EDT

Hello Heyuri

I have been making a mistake since I took up Heyuri by myself about 7 months ago, that was that I caused it to lose what made it special, which was that it was alone, and unique. Its culture wasnt spread out and shared, it wasnt as "copy and pasted" as I made this Heyuri be (example: software).

I also kept forcing too many "KolymaNET" things on it, when that is separate and different from Heyuri and should be kept that way. The software, css, cdn, and even some new projects that might have originally been "heyuri brand" instead of "kolyma brand".

I will stop doing that now. I'd also like to inform you all that I will be stepping back from alot of other sites I was involved in such as gurochan and the kolymabbs network, and focusing the majority of my bored creativity on Heyuri.

I have neglected alot of change recently, if there is anything I need to fix/do, let me know in /q/

- Sincerely, written with most love and care, XOXO, kuz

#  HEYURI: A NEW AGE? by kuz - 04/08/21 @ 10:44PM EDT

Heyuri has been around for a while, now. Coming up soon is my 1 year anniversary on this website (April 15th). Starting from making threads about Tomo, and up the latter to here. I reminisce fondly about Heyuris early days, even the software. I can still remember when our admin panel looked like it was designed in the back of a high school lab by 2 drunk teenagers. (Was it?)..

After I brought back Heyuri in December of last year, it felt like it was missing some little thing — and I think I know what it is. Heyuri was missing the love that was put into it when we first came about. Heyuri has always been loved by its overseer(s). It started as a passion project for a young man to test his PHP skills, it was always home-grown, it was always down to earth and in with the users. I adored this style, and wanted to become a part of it, so I could contribute to its greatness. and..

It worked — I loved Heyuri and being a part of running it — but over time, the novelty wore off. Heyuri became a sort of chore, and that contributed to its demise half a year later. After bringing it back, I was alone in running it. No one was really there to act as a firm copilot, guiding me and showing me what I should do, in addition, the fights preceding its revival had tired me. You could say I had had more than my fill of Heyuri.

When I first started using Heyuri, when I woke up, I would check /all/ before I even ate my cereal, and over time, I started checking Heyuri less and less, eventually only doing so a couple times a day. It stayed like that for a long while.

Recently, however, sparks of interest starting to come back in me. I started checking Heyuri more often, especially after the 10K get, when a small boost of activity swept the site, in fact, we are still feeling the after affects of that post. Now, Heyuri is something even more special to me. I feel like I worked hard to get where I am, and I now will appreciate those who got me here, and appreciate the position I hold here.

It has been a privilege and an honor to serve as Heyuris administrator. I would not trade it for any other site I own, because Heyuri is special to me. I am proud of what it is, and what it became. My renewed interest in Heyuri will hopefully breathe new breath into a site that had began to gather dust on my lists.

To kickstart our new age, I redesigned the webpage, and added a stat counter. A more detailed version can be found at: https://stat.kolyma.org

I dont plan on stepping down or leaving Heyuri any time in the forseeable future — and — I am excited to see what is in store for the rest of this year.

#  KOKONOTSUBA = DONE! by kuz - 03/18/21 @ 1:13PM EDT

Oh, Kokonotsuba (or.. kyutsuba). Starting from its theorization in October of last year to now, not a whole lot actually happened until 1 month ago, when work actually began. The software is... well, its something, and it sure as hell is alot better than what we had before, but its not perfect.

Over the coming weeks, I expect bugs to be discovered, so feel free to rape the software as much as you want while we work on ruling out whats left.

Some features (like VIP) are still a WIP (did you see what I did there?) and others like oekaki are on their way within the month, but for the most part, we made everything from scratch. The base software was forked from a chinese script, but it was very barebones. We liked the module system, and picked it for its stability and age.

I hope you all enjoy it, its much faster and more secure than the last software.

kuznote: do not "rape" any board besides /y/ pls

#  THE CASE FOR SIMPLICITY by kuz - 02/09/21 @ 2:24PM UTC

I would like to go over some stylistic points regarding the upcoming change in software.

Now when I say "clutter" or refer to "simplicity" I dont mean the bleak, web-2.0, plain white interfaces you see on many other sites (or imageboards even) — I mean the amount of buttons, <hr>'s, the links to sources (imgops), the unnecessarily detailed timestamps, etc.

Though it wasnt very popular in its time, from a retrospective standpoint, I find that StrawberryHeaven's general "look" is very attractive, although, the number system was not the best, I definitley think the simplistic style of StrawberryHeaven rings true more to heyuris "old-style" than the overly complicated and feature-packed heyuri we use. If I could pinpoint it, i think plain ol' wakaba looks just fine.

Im not advocating for less features per se, but I do think there are things that could be cleaned up. I think it would look nicer, as well as load faster and be easier to maintain and work with.

Let me know your thoughts about this.


#  HEYURI HISTORICAL SOCIETY by kuz - 01/29/21 @ 11:06AM UTC

I am pleased to announce that I have befriended the owner of the Heyuri Historical Society, and, with out cooperation, he created Heyuri-Wiki.

Amongst other things, I am glad to see the creation of this site, and the utility it may provide to Heyuri users.

#  UPCOMING CHANGES by kuz - 01/18/21 @ 9:12PM UTC

As I have recently moved, I have made the time to finish transferring Heyuris files.

In the next week, expect to see these changes;

1) No more CGI domain. /vote/ will move to the IMG subdomain.

2) No more DIS domain. the textboards will move to the IMG domain.

3) 3 or 4 hours of downtime.

I will use the downtime to do some live work on Heyuris upcoming software rollout, kokonotsuba. I will not release the software until it is fully finished. Unlike our current Heyuri, this version will be open source, run with a MySQL database, and hopefully, slay wormhole-kun once and for all. I will create a testing board that the public can access, 1 week before the release, so that you all can help me rule out any remaining bugs/issues that I find. For the most part, it will be a carbon copy of what we currently have on the outside, but have a completely restructured backend, optimized for speed and reliability.

The textboard software may change as well. Dont fret, we will take our time developing this so that it is safe and secure. Let me know some features you would like to have in /q/!

#  2020 by kuz - 01/01/21 @ 12:00AM UTC

Thank you for everything.


#  NEW YEAR, NEW HEYURI by kuz and Yaril - 12/28/20 @ 11:58PM UTC

I am putting together a team.

For the past 15 years, the Kolyma Team, consisting of around 61 volunteers, has been almost entirely Russian only. For the most part, this served its purpose. The subsidiaries of the Kolyma Network have always been exclusively Russian, therefor rendering an English speaking team useless. With the birth of a sizable English portion of KolymaNET (you're on one), a need for more English volunteers has arose.

Please consider joining the Kolyma Network at kolyma.jp/join. If you wish to help Heyuri, this is the way to do it.

#  CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALONG by kuz - 12/16/20 @ 5:47AM UTC

Thanks, TOASTY.

#  A PROMISING FUTURE by "The Team" - 12/12/20 @ 10:56AM UTC

2021 Will hold great things for Heyuri, and under a new and expanded leadership, we will prosper. Heyuri now has increased funding, more developers, moderators, a captcha, amongst a multitude of others.

Heyuri has left the stagnation phase that it has lingered in since august, and we are on a path towards progress.

We all sincerely wish everyone to come with us on Heyuris journey towards greatness. Let us know what you think about it all in /q/!

#  DECEMBER UPDATES - HEYURI EDITION by kuz - 12/07/20 @ 1:30AM UTC


Day 2 of Heyuri, and so far we are off to a wonderful start. I have received only a handful of complaints, the vast majority of which are easily fixable or have to do with the captcha. The captcha, which I have had a couple problems with myself, will be made significantly easier. In addition, if you get a captcha that is too hard, you can click on it to get a new one. In the future, users will be exempt from it entirely, once their IP is verified. However, at the first sign of spam coming from that IP, the exemption will be revoked. This exemption will be entirely free, save, that you must prove to me you are worthy of recieving it. You can expect to see this addition within a week. Some other minor issues such as the "Errors have occured" bug and various HTTPS problems have been patched.

In other words—smooth sailing so far!.


For those of you who are old enough to remember, throughout 2004 and 2005, 'moot' from 4chan regularly held site-wide meeting in the #4chan IRC that he dubbed "4chan-Townhall", this meeting was typically coordinated on the /sug/ (suggestions) board, which was later renamed to /q/. Likewise, I sought to recreate this.

So, from here on out, I will hold monthly IRC-Townhall meetings on the 10th of each month. In these I hope to communicate to instill communication with the ever-mysterious mod team, and create a dialogue between the userbase and the administration. New features, suggestions, and other meta topics will be discussed in them, I also hope to hear feedback about the state of Heyuri, but the atmosphere will remain overall light-hearted and fun. I hope to see all of you in attendance!

The first Heyuri-Townhall will be held on December 10th, 1:00pm EST. Mark your calenders!

Lolico's Retirement & New host

Yes, you have heard it. By his own will and varition, lolico, the original creator of Heyuris software and long-time former administrator, has retired from Heyuri. He, in is own words, has found new things in life to pursue and will be working with us for about a week to smooth out any remaining issues, help in the transfer of power, and give guidance to me so that I may operate Heyuri as smoothly as he did. My deepest gratitude to him and all of what he did for Heyuri. We would be nowhere without him—sayonara, my dearest <3

With this revalation, two big questions come to mind—Who will be our new developer? and Who owns Heyuris files and domain?. The first question is easy, our old SH developers will be replacing him, as well as the incredibly talented 9chan developer—DCPdev. The second question is a bit more long-winded.

Lolico initially owned the "heyuri.net" domain, and I, the "heyuri.cf" domain. He was perfectly OK with giving it to me for the sake of peaceful transferral of power, however, we noticed an issue. That is, lolico uses godaddy, and I use namecheap. This doesnt sound like much of a problem, you can transfer the domain between the 2 relatively easily, right? Well, yes. However, it states on the transfer page that the transfer can take up to 1 week. I dont want heyuri to be down for 1 week, but I know that it might be, because I will have to transfer it eventually. If you have any advice about this, please post it in /q/. In the meanwhile, Heyuri's status page can be found here

Anonymous drew this on the oekaki board — lovely tomo :3

Growth Plans and the "bounce back"

In June-July, which is often regarded as Heyuris "golden age", /b/ averaged around 10PPH, or roughly 100 posts per day, or 150 on weekends, or 400+ on GET-days!. GETs were always a special and exciting time for Heyuri, since its relatively small size meant that they were spaced at least 1 or 2 weeks apart, and there was always alot of people coming from the shadows and trying to score a rare milestone GET (1k, 2k, etc). After 4 straight MONTHS of downtime, I dont expect everything to instantly come back to normal, but I personally believe we can all expect to see Heyuri "bounce-back" within a month. I also would like to use this segment to elaborate on my plans for growth, and what my goals are for heyuris PPH.

Unlike my predecessor, I dont expect nor want Heyuri to ever reach "4chan" sized speeds, as I dont believe that is something to aspire to, nor do I believe the close-knit community of Heyuri would enjoy such a thing. If you mean "4chan speeds" by 2004 standards? Then absolutely, I would love to see Heyuri grow into something resembling that. A PPH of around 30 or 40, that is steady and does not drop is my general goal. I personally set "4chan 2004" as my goal in terms of activity on Heyuri. After that goal is achieved, I will likely slow down heyuris outward presence greatly, to foster a more tightknit community with all of the newcomers. As always, let me know what you think about this in /q/.


  • Strawberryheaven will be closing down indefinitley.

  • The monthly anime on /a/ will resume, for December—"Bottle Fairy" has been chosen. Expect a stickied thread on /a/ very soon.

  • /jp/ will be going to do low activity. /d/ - deviant will be made in place of /l/ and /g/.


#  ROUGH START by kuz - 12/04/20 @ 6:35PM UTC


Its been 4 hours since I was supposed to release Heyuri. Its crazy what 1 missed alarm clock can do. I apologize for the wait, and I hope you all can forgive me.

Heyuri, in its current state, has essentially just time traveled back to late august. Yes, we still have several issues such as leftover spam on /c/ and a couple functions are a little wonky, but we are miles better than we were over at SH. I will be notifying some of the old tripfags who I am in contact with very soon.

The Team and I have been working nonstop, and this is the fruits of our labor so far. More is to come, lots more. Please, show them your appreciation in /q/. The megathread will be coming soon.


#  BACK AGAIN by kuz - 12/03/20 @ 1:31PM UTC

Hi Heyuri. It is almost 8AM and I have not slept at all. So, I will make this brief!

Heyuri is back, hopefully forever. Me and Lolico have made up our past differences, and so far have worked smoothly together. The source of our problems has since been rooted out and disposed of. Heyuri is on a one way ticket to success once again. We know that many of you may be confused about whats happened, whats happening, and whats gonna happen, so I would invite you to ask ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS in /q/. If you want a response from me, please do so in the pinned megathread.


— kuzzykins <3

#  TEXTBOARDS!! by The Team - 08/23/20 @ 6:32AM UTC

The textboards, for a while, have been considered to be the trashy, broken, and disregarded parts of Heyuri. Often reffered to as the "toilet of Heyuri". Well, that has changed. We have completely redone the textboards structure, style, and functionality. We will promote their usage more heavily as well. Some new additions include, but are not limited to;

1. Several new boards such as /code/, /haiku/, and /world/.

2. Restructured with new styles.

3. A webhook notification system, similar to the one already in place for the Imageboards.

4. Increased moderation.

and many more minor changes. Please fill them up!

#  A MESSAGE by kuz - 07/28/20 @ 4:38PM EDT

"There was a long time in imageboard and interweb history before that crap existed, and most of us here strongly preferred that time

There are over 9000 other imageboards out there that are rife with Rule 8-breaking stuff if you really want it, but Heyuri seeks to be more like a reasonably maintained garden than an untamed jungle - it makes a small effort to reduce the very worst of the weeds, in order to allow the more desirable content (that would otherwise be strangled to death) to flourish

You mention free speech, but most of the imageboards out there that put "free speech" above all else usually don't say very much at all - they often repeat the same "gotcha" words and phrases over and over, spam the same crappy pepe/wojak edits over and over, and spend more time bickering and meta-meta-meta-trolling each other than they do having discussions, making OC, or having fun

I think the absence of the things Rule 8 b&hammers has been a boon for Heyuri overall, and allowed a more unique identity to develop, which I think is a big part of why this place has actually been gaining traction over the last couple of months, in an era where most other imageboards are slowly dying out"
- Anonymous

#  REWRITE by lolico - 07/27/20 @ 3:56PM EDT

Since May 26th, Heyuri has been running on a modified version of the original Futaba Channel script, however do to the rapid development environment it has become buggy and slow. But as of recently we've been re-writing it from scratch, many features have been added, many depricated, many new features to come soon. You may not notice much because most notable changes are backend. Of course, please report all bugs to /meta/.
  • Changelog:
  • Post link normalisation. https://img.heyuri.net/meta/imgboard.php?res=1416#p1416 will transform to >>>/meta/1416
  • Whormhole bug is fixed. (As long as Kuz doesn't break the database....)
  • Post dates now use NYC timezone.
  • Querying a response will now show the whole thread instead of "Thread not found".
  • Many other small changes...

This new evolution is also coming with new boards!
  • /g/ - Guro & Scat
  • /l/ - Lolikon
  • /jp/ - 日本語(Japan)
  • /o/ - Oekaki
  • /ascii/ - Text Art
/g/, /l/ and /o/ are Trial Boards. Meaning they are not full boards yet, they are in a testing phase to see if they will be used, boards that don't reach at least 1 page in under 2 weeks will be deleted. The rules of /h/ will also change to keep out lolikon and gore. The new /jp/ board is for Japanese-language discussion, English is only allowed under the context of learning Japanese. More will be coming as time progresses. /f/, will be coming back!

There will also be changes in moderation: Kuz is now the global Manager, he has all the powers of an admin except for board creation and some other minor perms. There will never be a second admin again. We are also looking for new moderators, if you fall under any of the following categories, please contact us.
  • You can speak Japanese.
  • Are the poster responsible for this post.
  • Dont fit in either of these categories yet want to join the Moderation team.

#  YOU JUST WON THE GAME by kuz - 07/20/20 @ 8:00PM EDT

The voting process has finally ended, and the winner is...

*drum roll*


By popular vote, his submission was chosen as Heyuri-Tan, and will serve as a reference for future concepts, as well as a pseudo-official mascot.

Many thanks to him, as well as all the other contestants.


#  WINNERS AND LOSERS by kuz - 07/19/20 @ 11:00PM EDT

The contest has ended, and there are several pieces to choose from:
̶M̶a̶c̶s̶ ̶S̶u̶b̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
̶A̶n̶o̶n̶y̶m̶o̶u̶s̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶u̶b̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
̶A̶n̶o̶n̶y̶m̶o̶u̶s̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶u̶b̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
̶A̶n̶o̶n̶y̶m̶o̶u̶s̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶u̶b̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
If you are "Anonymous", and your submission is here, please email me with your tripcode to redeem your capcode. If you would like to remain anonymous, your content will still be featured.

You can vote for the winner at ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶p̶o̶l̶l̶.

#  CONTESTS by "The Team" - 07/16/20 @ 2:50AM EDT

Over the past few weeks, We have seen wonderful art made right here on Heyuri, In addition to our Original Content Page—We are now introducing a temporary contest for Heyuri-tan! Anyone can submit entries, just email us!. Here is some basic concept art.

If you have already made a submission in the past, and would like to submit it now, feel free to do that as well. Winners will recieve:
1. Their submission and name put on the original content archive.
2. A Special Capcode Demarcating their achievement.
( Your Tripcode ## Verified )
3. Their work displayed on the front page.


#  IMPORTANT by kuz - 07/13/20 @ 2:50AM EDT

This newspost covers alot of issues, please take time to read it.


Alot of shit has happened in the past week, some good, some bad, but it is about time I have made a proper newspost to reiterate and clarify what needs to be reiterated and clarified.

• Heyuris main server fatally crashed. On July 9th, 2020, at around 5:30PM, Yukari, our main server, suffered a fatal drive error, causing the data to be completely corrupted and unrecoverable. We tried for multiple hours to fix it and recover anything, but we were unable to do so. Thus, we were essentially rolled back 1 month. This was devastating for our development team, because so much had been done in that period we might as well have started from scratch. Lolico, the founder and lead developer of the site, worked tirelessly, for days at a time to try to rework Heyuris scripts, and we have experienced relative success. It will still be days, weeks maybe until we are 100% operational in all senses. Bugs are being fixed, features are being re-added, and issues are being rolled out, 1 at a time, case by case. If you are interested in helping out Heyuri long time, and are an experienced PHP developer, you can contact us further and provide your information.

kuznote: Many thanks to Akima for helping us out in these times!

• Rules were clarified to be more transparent. The discussion on whats breaking Rule 8, and what is not, has been going on for too long, and I have reiterated the rules to more easily define that type of content. Please consult the rules before you make a post, and before you make a thread in /meta/ about someone else's post. It will help you, trust me!

• Goals and aspirations. For some reason, a few users across the site believe that growth = reduction in quality. This is often true, but there are a number of reasons why, and its not just "growth".

1. Growth often results in the rules changing to better humor the new users.
2. With growth, comes new moderation, and that means that the way rules are enforced often changes.
3. With growth, many older users will find a new home.

Now, all of these things are all directly related to growth, but growth itself is never the *reason*. If you will notice, all of those points are things that can be individually handled, and controlled, so while unrestrained growth may result in a reduction of quality, by specifically making sure that the above points are properly handled, one can both grow and avoid killing the sites culture. I believe lolico himself put it best,

"Just to be clear. The ultimate dream goal of Heyuri is to surpass sites like 4chan and (Reddit) much like 5channel did in Japan. Eventually Heyuri will grow outside the image boards bubble and because of that the majority will be "gen-z". We will stick to our rules and enforce them properly. New users *will* learn the culture"

To continue on the topic of growth, a positive look on Heyuri is the increasing post-rate.

In February, 12 posts were made site-wide.

In March, 139 posts were made site-wide.

In April, 190 posts were made site-wide.

In May, 351 posts were made site-wide.

In June 4,274 posts were made, site wide.

and as of the 13th of July, barely 2 weeks in, we have made 2,428 posts.

For reference, I opened up Heyuri to 9chan on June 7th. Today, more posts are made in 1 hour, than are made in 3 days during Feb-May. For example, in one day, (July 5th) 670 posts were made. This means Heyuri has a PPH of about 30. Which is great for a site of this age. Furthermore—a graphical view of the stats will look like this:

kuznote: A round of applause for mac for drawing this awesome picture:


The end!

#  NOT DEAD YET by lolico - 07/12/20 @ 3:38AM EDT

So I found out I didn't clear my AwardSpace account after we moved to kolyma.jp hosting. Hooray for my lazyness! Some things still may be borken so be sure to report those bugs in /meta/.
We worked non-stop to get the site back up so be sure to enjoy it.

#  BOARDS N STUFF by kuz - 06/05/20 @ 3:56PM UTC

New boards, /f/ - flash content, and /h/ - Hentai.
On the topic of new stuff, there are also now some new emotes, such as, the very relevant :mask: — Happy posting on the new boards!

#  POLLS by kuz - 06/05/20 @ 2:35AM UTC

/vote/ has been re-introduced, be sure to go make some fun and (Very important) polls there.

kuznote: we have surpassed 1200 posts on heyuri since February, and recently achieved the 500 get on /b/

#  Heyuri! 2.0 by lolico - 05/24/20 @ 7:37PM UTC

Today marks Heyuri 2.0. Up until now I only thought of Heyuri as an experiment. Heyuri now runs under a new imageboard software; my fork of Futabawall, which is an English translation of the original Futaba Channel script. Unfortunately the databases are too incompatible and I was unable to convert the old posts. An archive is here.
/g/ is gone and has been replaced with /c/-Anime/Cute.
@kuz Has taken over as second admin.

#  NEW BOARD SCRIPTS by lolico - 05/16/20 @ 11:53PM UTC

Over the past few weeks, I've been working day and night on a new image board script. With Sakomoto I basically through a bunch of scripts into a blender to try to get the most feature-full script possible... What I got was a buggy mess. This new script is being hosted at https://img.heyuri.net/z/.
Any feedback is appreciated, I will start migrating all the boards after a week.

#  CAPTCHA by lolico - 05/04/20 @ 1:48AM UTC

The captcha has been disabled on all boards. I will re-enable it at the first sign of spam.
Lets hope that's not needed.

#  IRC CHANNEL by lolico - 03/16/20 @ 1:34PM UTC

Heyuri now has an IRC channel: #heyuri@Rizon.

#  SECOND ADMIN by lolico - 03/08/20 @ 4:05AM UTC

C̶a̶v̶a̶l̶i̶e̶r̶ ̶I̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶n̶e̶w̶ ̶s̶e̶c̶o̶n̶d̶ ̶a̶d̶m̶i̶n̶!̶

#  NEW DOMAIN by lolico - 02/29/20 @ 6:44AM UTC

As of today Heyuri has transfered from heyuri.cf to heyuri.net.
Remember to update your bookmarks and RSS readers.

Of course if you experience any issues please contact me!

#  LOOKING FOR A SECOND ADMIN by lolico - 02/09/20 @ 8:37PM UTC

I'm not sure how to really announce this but, I'm looking for a second admin. I really want to make this imageboard become significantly active but I'm just a developer. I need someone who can do public stuff, draw people to the site, make announcement's and such. Contact me if you are interested!

#  RENAMING by lolico - 01/23/20 @ 1:30AM UTC

/ascii/ has been renamed to >>>/lounge/.

#  NEW BOARD by lolico - 12/17/19 @ 12:53AM UTC

Heyuri's first text board >>>/ascii/.
Try it out.

#  /g/ - Games by lolico - 12/04/19 @ 6:41AM UTC

/g/ has been relisted as games.
This board is for discussion on video games, tabletop games and other interactive media.

#  CREATE POLLS ON HEYURI! by lolico - 12/02/19 @ 2:12PM UTC

New poll system(in beta).
Try it here.

#  BOARD CHANGES by lolico - 11/26/19 @ 9:49AM UTC

/g/ has been unlisted.
New overboard added >>>/all/.
/r/ has been renamed to /b/ (To avoid confusion).

#  HEYURIS (re)LAUNCH by lolico - 11/24/19 @ 11:40AM UTC

Today is Heyuri's (re)launch as an imageboard!
Old Heyuri is still available through https://booru.heyuri.cf/.
I hope to grow a thriving community!