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Jobs and Positions


Positions at Heyuri are purely volunteer work. Officially, there is no monetary compensation for any work done here. Regardless of your position, everyone has to follow rules.

  1. This work is volunteered. No payroll, no salary.
  2. You will be thorougly vetted before any real power is given.
  3. Depending on your position, you may be required to maintain resonable secrecy about your work.
  4. You will be provided with a full list of rules and guidelines once you are accepted.
  5. You should be reasonably experienced in the field you want to maintain.

Now, with that out of the way, there are many positions that you can choose from, choose only ones that are based on your own expertise.


Moderator (Wanted)

Moderators, (from here on out known as Mods), are the backbone of the Heyuri Moderation team, and will carry out most of the essential work for maintaining the boards. This includes deleting offending posts, banning offending users, and general post management. Moderators are almost never accepted from applications, but instead picked from the Janitors and promoted.

Janitors (Wanted)

Janitors are essentially Moderator-Lite. They have all the powers of a Moderator, but cannot ban, nor use a capcode. This position is a good starting place for anyone looking to work at Heyuri. Janitors and Moderators alike typically do not need to have any pre-existing experience, but if you have some, that always counts.


PHP Developer (Wanted)

Heyuri runs on a fork of futaba, and is made and maintained by the Lead Administrator. If you are an experienced PHP developer, please submit an application. Heyuri is constantly working on new ideas and projects, and constantly improving on our current scripts. PHP Developers at Heyuri should have some background in development, and you may also be asked to show some of your past work, or demonstrate your skill.

Javascript Developer (Wanted)

Heyuri has some minor javascript here and there, and while we never plan to be too heavy with JS, Developers in this field are always welcome. Several projects with JS are in the works, and help is wanted. Like with the last, you may be asked to show some of your past work, or demonstrate your skill.

Security (Wanted)

Heyuri attempts to always maintain the highest scale of security possible. Whether this be DDOS protection, attempts at messing with the imageboard databases, or other general mischeif, we always have some sort of lingering threat to our security. Positions regarding security could involve anything from securing the webserver(s), too making sure databases and passwords are secure, if you think you can help, be sure to include what your skills are in your application.


If you have found a position that fits you, Contact us. Be sure to include;

  1. The position you would like.
  2. Examples of your past work. (For Development positions)
  3. How much time you have daily to spend on Heyuri.
  4. A Discord account. (Required)

Best of luck!