7/11/20 - 12:00PM EDT/EST - WE WILL REOPEN!

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We are currently working on restoring the front page and the frames, expect updates to be posted in the discord server
kuznote: dont think this is over... im going back to finish what i started~ ~

At around 5 pm today (7/9/20), Heyuris server, fatally crashed. Upon rebooting, no OS was found, upon another 6 hours of desperate attempts at recovering the directory where heyuris core files were stored, we came to the conclusion that heyuris data had been lost. So what does this mean for the future of heyuri?
Well, from a users perspective, a couple things will change.
  1. Every. Single. Thread. Has been completely wiped from our servers. This i say with an i ncredibly heavy heart, as heyuris threads were deeply sentimental to me, I enjoyed almost every single one of them, this announcement has probably ruined not on ly my, but the days of many several of you. I am so, so sorry for this. Please, please stay with us as we work on fixing these issues, as fast as 3 people can do it by themselves. We simply cannot work any faster than we are currently.
In light of this, I will highlight some important things.
  1. We ask that you do not forsake heyuri in these trying times.
  2. It is the fault of no one at heyuris development team.
  3. The software will be almost completely overhauled.
LOLICO NOTE: This is not the end! We will rebuild the software better then ever. We will use this experience to improve and overcome.
Join the Discord for updates.


In the meanwhile, enjoy this awesome picture drawn by our new friend, mac!


- by kuz

Heyuri, for a while now, has had a ongoing discussion about what its future holds, and what new-users coming to the site will bring. In this thread I intend to answer that question. To start off, I think lolico put it best, and I quote;

"Just to be clear. The ultimate dream goals of Heyuri is to surpass sites like 4chan and (Reddit) muc h like 5channel did in Japan. Eventually Heyuri will grow outside the ima ge boards bubble and because of that the majority will be G en Z. We will stick to our rules and enforce them properly. New users will learn the culture."

This is accurate, as it does reflect our exact intentions regarding the subject. I have also laid out a bulletin so that users can see a briefer summary on what I mean.

1. Heyuri will NEVER remove Rule 8.
2. Heyuri will ALWAYS remain true to its culture, and intended content, 3. yet at once not letting the same things become stale.
4. You do not have to be 30+ to post here, you simply have to abide by site culture and rules, if you are a younger user, and can do this, you are just as welcome as anyone else
5. Heyuri will NEVER use shitty, copied and pasted imageboard software like others often use.
6. Lastly, Heyuri intends to grow, and increase the active and posting userbase, but without forsaking our above bulletins.

This should serve as a closing remark to the recent discussions. From now on, instead of saying "/b/ doesnt have enough good threads!", you can make one yourself! Be the change you want to see in Heyuri. Thank you.