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#  IMG CONTEST by "The Team" - 08/07/20 @ 12:55AM EDT

Since the last contest was a massive success, we see it fit for a second won, this time, for Heyuri IMGs!. By this, we mean 404 images, 403 images, any sort of error image, banned images, etc. These images should follow some guidelines. They must include 'heyuri' or the heyuri star somewhere on them. They should in some way incorporate a popular character in Heyuri culture, such as wormhole-kun, kuzgirl, ascii cat.. etc. If you cant fit either of these categories, try creating something else but still unique and original to some degree. Here is an example image. (Thanks, Anonymous.)

Email me your submissions!

#  . . . by "The Team" - 08/05/20 @ 5:48PM EDT

#  HELLO NEWCOMERS by kuz - 07/30/20 @ 7:10PM EDT

To all the newcomers.

Since Heyuri has been drastically increasing in growth lately, we saw fit to make a public announcement regarding it. In the past month, Heyuris postrate has nearly quintupled, everyday new unique IPs are seen on the site. Everyday, new tripcodes. To accompany this, several new boards has been added, and were filled up immediatley. /l/ and /g/ are on 3 pages already. Welcome, it doesn't matter much where you came from, how you found the site, or anything of that sort. But there are several important points that every new user to the site should remember;

Board culture. — Understanding, respecting, and participating in board culture is a crucial part of using the site. To learn what "board culture" is, one must spend a length of time browsing the boards, reading the threads, and understanding how people talk, act, and post. This is perhaps the most important message new users can get, because failure to comply with board culture will result in someone getting banned. You want to avoid that, right? The BEST way to avoid getting banned is to read the rules, and LURK before posting. Most other imageboards follow a pretty normal routine, so lurking and reading the rules is not necessary. Heyuri is different in this regard.

Site speed. — When "site speed" is mentioned, it usually refers to the speed of the boards, as opposed to the site itself. Heyuri is not always superfast, nor dead. It is slow at times, and fast at others. Our average PPH (Posts Per Hour) is 21. Meaning 1 post every few minutes. To not be scared away, it is vital for you to understand that Heyuri fluctuates. It is also relatively new, meaning that its constantly changing — almost always for the better. Is the board slow? No new threads for a bit? Feel free to make a new one.

"Free speech". — To have a thread deleted, is a learning experience for the poster of that thread. If your thread was deleted, that means it probably broke one of the rules. If it was your first ever thread, dont panic, try making a new one that acknowledges site culture and the rules. Do not be scared away by warns or deletions, every oldfag has been through them, and every newfag is going through them as well. Strict moderation on all the boards is what has kept Heyuri so clean.

OC. — Heyuri has tons of original drawings, animations, flashs, gifs, and the like. While you are lurking, feel free to check out some of these awesome contributions on the Heyuri Original Content Page. To contribute positively to the boards, is to help out everyone. Including yourself! Users who create exceptionally fantastic OC may have their content featured on the page — But in the end, OC is made by the users, for the users.

Positive contribution. — There is an endless list of things not to do on the boards. But seldom can you find advice on what counts as good, or positive contribution. Everyone is encouraged to participate and enjoy the boards. Threads that spark interesesting or informative discussion, make people laugh, contain original content, share high quality images, etc, are considered good contribution.

But I'm not an oldfag, I'm new to imageboards. — Thats fine. One of many misconceptions about Heyuri is that it is for older users only, this is simply not true however. Any user of any age can post and enjoy content on the board as long as they respect the rules and board culture. Like I said, everyone is welcome. Due to the massive influx recently, I saw appropriate to make this post.

#  A MESSAGE by kuz - 07/28/20 @ 4:38PM EDT

"There was a long time in imageboard and interweb history before that crap existed, and most of us here strongly preferred that time

There are over 9000 other imageboards out there that are rife with Rule 8-breaking stuff if you really want it, but Heyuri seeks to be more like a reasonably maintained garden than an untamed jungle - it makes a small effort to reduce the very worst of the weeds, in order to allow the more desirable content (that would otherwise be strangled to death) to flourish

You mention free speech, but most of the imageboards out there that put "free speech" above all else usually don't say very much at all - they often repeat the same "gotcha" words and phrases over and over, spam the same crappy pepe/wojak edits over and over, and spend more time bickering and meta-meta-meta-trolling each other than they do having discussions, making OC, or having fun

I think the absence of the things Rule 8 b&hammers has been a boon for Heyuri overall, and allowed a more unique identity to develop, which I think is a big part of why this place has actually been gaining traction over the last couple of months, in an era where most other imageboards are slowly dying out"
- Anonymous

#  REWRITE by lolico - 07/27/20 @ 3:56PM EDT

Since May 26th, Heyuri has been running on a modified version of the original Futaba Channel script, however do to the rapid development environment it has become buggy and slow. But as of recently we've been re-writing it from scratch, many features have been added, many depricated, many new features to come soon. You may not notice much because most notable changes are backend. Of course, please report all bugs to /meta/.
  • Changelog:
  • Post link normalisation. https://img.heyuri.net/meta/imgboard.php?res=1416#p1416 will transform to >>>/meta/1416
  • Whormhole bug is fixed. (As long as Kuz doesn't break the database....)
  • Post dates now use NYC timezone.
  • Querying a response will now show the whole thread instead of "Thread not found".
  • Many other small changes...

This new evolution is also coming with new boards!
  • /g/ - Guro & Scat
  • /l/ - Lolikon
  • /jp/ - 日本語(Japan)
  • /o/ - Oekaki
  • /ascii/ - Text Art
/g/, /l/ and /o/ are Trial Boards. Meaning they are not full boards yet, they are in a testing phase to see if they will be used, boards that don't reach at least 1 page in under 2 weeks will be deleted. The rules of /h/ will also change to keep out lolikon and gore. The new /jp/ board is for Japanese-language discussion, English is only allowed under the context of learning Japanese. More will be coming as time progresses. /f/, will be coming back!

There will also be changes in moderation: Kuz is now the global Manager, he has all the powers of an admin except for board creation and some other minor perms. There will never be a second admin again. We are also looking for new moderators, if you fall under any of the following categories, please contact us.
  • You can speak Japanese.
  • Are the poster responsible for this post.
  • Dont fit in either of these categories yet want to join the Moderation team.

#  YOU JUST WON THE GAME by kuz - 07/20/20 @ 8:00PM EDT

The voting process has finally ended, and the winner is...

*drum roll*


By popular vote, his submission was chosen as Heyuri-Tan, and will serve as a reference for future concepts, as well as a pseudo-official mascot.

Many thanks to him, as well as all the other contestants.


#  WINNERS AND LOSERS by kuz - 07/19/20 @ 11:00PM EDT

The contest has ended, and there are several pieces to choose from:
̶M̶a̶c̶s̶ ̶S̶u̶b̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
̶A̶n̶o̶n̶y̶m̶o̶u̶s̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶u̶b̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
̶A̶n̶o̶n̶y̶m̶o̶u̶s̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶u̶b̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
̶A̶n̶o̶n̶y̶m̶o̶u̶s̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶u̶b̶m̶i̶s̶s̶i̶o̶n̶
If you are "Anonymous", and your submission is here, please email me with your tripcode to redeem your capcode. If you would like to remain anonymous, your content will still be featured.

You can vote for the winner at ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶p̶o̶l̶l̶.

#  CONTESTS by "The Team" - 07/16/20 @ 2:50AM EDT

Over the past few weeks, We have seen wonderful art made right here on Heyuri, In addition to our Original Content Page—We are now introducing a temporary contest for Heyuri-tan! Anyone can submit entries, just email us!. Here is some basic concept art.

If you have already made a submission in the past, and would like to submit it now, feel free to do that as well. Winners will recieve:
1. Their submission and name put on the original content archive.
2. A Special Capcode Demarcating their achievement.
( Your Tripcode ## Verified )
3. Their work displayed on the front page.


#  IMPORTANT by kuz - 07/13/20 @ 2:50AM EDT

This newspost covers alot of issues, please take time to read it.


Alot of shit has happened in the past week, some good, some bad, but it is about time I have made a proper newspost to reiterate and clarify what needs to be reiterated and clarified.

• Heyuris main server fatally crashed. On July 9th, 2020, at around 5:30PM, Yukari, our main server, suffered a fatal drive error, causing the data to be completely corrupted and unrecoverable. We tried for multiple hours to fix it and recover anything, but we were unable to do so. Thus, we were essentially rolled back 1 month. This was devastating for our development team, because so much had been done in that period we might as well have started from scratch. Lolico, the founder and lead developer of the site, worked tirelessly, for days at a time to try to rework Heyuris scripts, and we have experienced relative success. It will still be days, weeks maybe until we are 100% operational in all senses. Bugs are being fixed, features are being re-added, and issues are being rolled out, 1 at a time, case by case. If you are interested in helping out Heyuri long time, and are an experienced PHP developer, you can contact us further and provide your information.

kuznote: Many thanks to Akima for helping us out in these times!

• Rules were clarified to be more transparent. The discussion on whats breaking Rule 8, and what is not, has been going on for too long, and I have reiterated the rules to more easily define that type of content. Please consult the rules before you make a post, and before you make a thread in /meta/ about someone else's post. It will help you, trust me!

• Goals and aspirations. For some reason, a few users across the site believe that growth = reduction in quality. This is often true, but there are a number of reasons why, and its not just "growth".

1. Growth often results in the rules changing to better humor the new users.
2. With growth, comes new moderation, and that means that the way rules are enforced often changes.
3. With growth, many older users will find a new home.

Now, all of these things are all directly related to growth, but growth itself is never the *reason*. If you will notice, all of those points are things that can be individually handled, and controlled, so while unrestrained growth may result in a reduction of quality, by specifically making sure that the above points are properly handled, one can both grow and avoid killing the sites culture. I believe lolico himself put it best,

"Just to be clear. The ultimate dream goal of Heyuri is to surpass sites like 4chan and (Reddit) much like 5channel did in Japan. Eventually Heyuri will grow outside the image boards bubble and because of that the majority will be "gen-z". We will stick to our rules and enforce them properly. New users *will* learn the culture"

To continue on the topic of growth, a positive look on Heyuri is the increasing post-rate.

In February, 12 posts were made site-wide.

In March, 139 posts were made site-wide.

In April, 190 posts were made site-wide.

In May, 351 posts were made site-wide.

In June 4,274 posts were made, site wide.

and as of the 13th of July, barely 2 weeks in, we have made 2,428 posts.

For reference, I opened up Heyuri to 9chan on June 7th. Today, more posts are made in 1 hour, than are made in 3 days during Feb-May. For example, in one day, (July 5th) 670 posts were made. This means Heyuri has a PPH of about 30. Which is great for a site of this age. Furthermore—a graphical view of the stats will look like this:

kuznote: A round of applause for mac for drawing this awesome picture:

The end!

#  NOT DEAD YET by lolico - 07/12/20 @ 3:38AM EDT

So I found out I didn't clear my AwardSpace account after we moved to kolyma.jp hosting. Hooray for my lazyness! Some things still may be borken so be sure to report those bugs in /meta/.
We worked non-stop to get the site back up so be sure to enjoy it.

#  MOVING FORWARD by kuz - 06/07/20 @ 12:00AM UTC

Since 2005 I have owned, and adminstrated over a website known as 9chan. This site was an otherwise huge success for a long time, as of recent events the last couple years, I was forced to shut it down. I had nothing else planned with its userbase until about 6 months ago, when i found heyuri, and fell in love with it instantly. I was enticed by its design, and board culture, and immediatley became a regular on the site. Eventually, I became the co-administrator, and the rest is history. In light of this, i decided to open up 9chans old userbase to Heyuri, to increase the flow of people to the site.
Everyone, it was an honor serving 9chan, but I think this merge will be great for both sides—and if your new, welcome to heyuri! Its the place to be.

- yours, kuzzykins.

#  RULES by kuz - 06/06/20 @ 3:00AM UTC

Each of the imageboards now has clarified rules, that apply to them specifically—Go read them before posting!

#  BOARDS N STUFF by kuz - 06/05/20 @ 3:56PM UTC

New boards, /f/ - flash content, and /h/ - Hentai.
On the topic of new stuff, there are also now some new emotes, such as, the very relevant :mask: — Happy posting on the new boards!

#  POLLS by kuz - 06/05/20 @ 2:35AM UTC

/vote/ has been re-introduced, be sure to go make some fun and (Very important) polls there.

kuznote: we have surpassed 1200 posts on heyuri since February, and recently achieved the 500 get on /b/

#  Heyuri! 2.0 by lolico - 05/24/20 @ 7:37PM UTC

Today marks Heyuri 2.0. Up until now I only thought of Heyuri as an experiment. Heyuri now runs under a new imageboard software; my fork of Futabawall, which is an English translation of the original Futaba Channel script. Unfortunately the databases are too incompatible and I was unable to convert the old posts. An archive is here.
/g/ is gone and has been replaced with /c/-Anime/Cute.
@kuz Has taken over as second admin.

#  NEW BOARD SCRIPTS by lolico - 05/16/20 @ 11:53PM UTC

Over the past few weeks, I've been working day and night on a new image board script. With Sakomoto I basically through a bunch of scripts into a blender to try to get the most feature-full script possible... What I got was a buggy mess. This new script is being hosted at https://img.heyuri.net/z/.
Any feedback is appreciated, I will start migrating all the boards after a week.

#  CAPTCHA by lolico - 05/04/20 @ 1:48AM UTC

The captcha has been disabled on all boards. I will re-enable it at the first sign of spam.
Lets hope that's not needed.

#  IRC CHANNEL by lolico - 03/16/20 @ 1:34PM UTC

Heyuri now has an IRC channel: #heyuri@Rizon.

#  SECOND ADMIN by lolico - 03/08/20 @ 4:05AM UTC

C̶a̶v̶a̶l̶i̶e̶r̶ ̶I̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶n̶e̶w̶ ̶s̶e̶c̶o̶n̶d̶ ̶a̶d̶m̶i̶n̶!̶

#  NEW DOMAIN by lolico - 02/29/20 @ 6:44AM UTC

As of today Heyuri has transfered from heyuri.cf to heyuri.net.
Remember to update your bookmarks and RSS readers.

Of course if you experience any issues please contact me!

#  LOOKING FOR A SECOND ADMIN by lolico - 02/09/20 @ 8:37PM UTC

I'm not sure how to really announce this but, I'm looking for a second admin. I really want to make this imageboard become significantly active but I'm just a developer. I need someone who can do public stuff, draw people to the site, make announcement's and such. Contact me if you are interested!

#  RENAMING by lolico - 01/23/20 @ 1:30AM UTC

/ascii/ has been renamed to >>>/lounge/.

#  NEW BOARD by lolico - 12/17/19 @ 12:53AM UTC

Heyuri's first text board >>>/ascii/.
Try it out.

#  /g/ - Games by lolico - 12/04/19 @ 6:41AM UTC

/g/ has been relisted as games.
This board is for discussion on video games, tabletop games and other interactive media.

#  CREATE POLLS ON HEYURI! by lolico - 12/02/19 @ 2:12PM UTC

New poll system(in beta).
Try it here.

#  BOARD CHANGES by lolico - 11/26/19 @ 9:49AM UTC

/g/ has been unlisted.
New overboard added >>>/all/.
/r/ has been renamed to /b/ (To avoid confusion).

#  HEYURIS (re)LAUNCH by lolico - 11/24/19 @ 11:40AM UTC

Today is Heyuri's (re)launch as an imageboard!
Old Heyuri is still available through https://booru.heyuri.cf/.
I hope to grow a thriving community!